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Features and Benefits

  • Digital, Analogue & Temperature Inputs
  • Relay, Transistor & Analogue Outputs
  • Powerful Control Logic in Ladder or Functional Block Diagram
  • Available with or without Text HMI Screen
  • Programmable Function Keys
  • PID Control (up to 30 Loops)
  • Maths Functions
  • Retentive Data Registers
  • High Speed Inputs & PWM Outputs
  • Link function
  • Multi-Language Selectable
  • Expansion Modules for More I/O
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Commonly found in small and medium applications, the iSmart Programmable Relay from IMO is a highly cost-effective yet flexible controller that offers many of the functions found in a traditional PLCs and is an ideal controller for applications such as packaging and vending machines, conveyors, and automatic door systems.

iSmart is available as an AC or DC base module with a choice of input and output options as well as a selection of digital and relay expansion modules including support for temperature inputs and analogue inputs and outputs. iSmart is supplied with a built in HMI as standard or optional blind front module and is programmed using IMO's configuration software; available at no cost and is complete with a built-in simulation tool.


Environmental Specifications (for all models):
Operating Temperature: -10 to +60°C
Storage Temperature: -40 to +70°C
Humidity: 5 - 90% RH (no frost)
Vibration Resistance: IEC60068-2-6 (0.075mm Amplitude / 1G Acceleration)
Impact Resistance: IEC60068-2-28 (15g peak, 1ms duration)
Installation: IP20, Direct or DIN Rail Mount (TS35 - 35mm)
Noise Resistance:
ESD: ±4kV
Air Discharge: ±8kV
EFT: Power AC: ±2kV, DC: ±1kV
CS: 0.15-80mHz 10V/m
RS: 80-1000mHz 10V/m
EMI: EN55011 Class B
Approvals: CE, UL, cUL
RTC Clock:
Accuracy: Max. 6 minutes/month
Backup: 1 Farad Capacitor for 200hr run-on after power-down
Dimensions and Weight:
AC Models: 72x90x59.6mm (230g), 126x90x59.6mm (335g)
DC Models: 72x90x59.6mm (220g), 126x90x59.6mm (345g)
Expansion Units: 38x90x59.6mm (150g)
Power Supply and Consumption:
AC Models: 85-265VAC, 19.6-28.8VAC (24V), 3.2W
DC Models: 19.6-28.8VDC (24V), 10.2-13.8VDC (12V), 12W
Expansion Units: Same as equivalent Base Unit, 1W
Input Specifications:
AC Models: ON: >79VAC, OFF: <40VAC
DC Models: ON: >15VDC, OFF: <5VDC
AC Models: 1.3mA
DC Models: 3.2mA
AC Models: 200kΩ
DC Models: 8kΩ
Response Time:
AC Models: 50-90ms (240-120VAC)
DC Models: 3.5ms
Max. Voltage:
AC Models: 260VAC
DC Models: 30VDC
High-Speed Input (Hz): DC Models: 1000 (I1), 500/500 (I1/I2)
Standard Input (Hz): DC Models: <40
Output Specifications:
Max. Digital Output Current:
AC Models: Relay: 8A (Resistive), 2A (Inductive)
DC Models: Relay: 8A (Resistive), 2A (Inductive), Transistor: 0.5A (Resistive), 0.2A (Inductive)
Min. Digital Output Current:
AC Models: 16.7mA
DC Models: 0.2mA
PWM Transistor Output (Hz): DC Models: 500 (1ms ON, 1ms OFF)
Relay Life (No Load): 10 million operations
Analog Specifications:
Input Range: 0.00 to 9.99V
Input Resolution: 12 bit nominal (0.01V)
Input Impedance: 45kΩ (24VDC models), 22.5kΩ (12VDC models)
RTD Input Range: -100 to +600°C
RTD Input Resolution: 0.1°C
RTD Excitation Current: 0.33mA
Output Range: 0-10V, 4-20mA
Output Resolution: 0.01V, 0.01mA
Program Specifications:
Program Size: 1200 Steps (300 Lines of Ladder), 260 Function Blocks