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Features and Benefits

  • 16 timing ranges selectable from front panel
  • Timing ranges 0.05 secs to 60 hours
  • DPCO timed contacts or SPCO timed
  • SPCO instantaneous contact versions
  • New scale ranges for ease of time setting
  • Instantaneous output with dial set at “0”
  • Improved resistance to electromagnetic interference
  • Indicators for time range, time up and power on/timing
  • 48-DIN
  • Plug-in octal base
  • Sockets available for panel, surface and DIN rail mounting
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IMO relay module boasts a repeat accuracy of ±0.3% at maximum setting time, ensuring precise operation. It features a quick reset time of 0.1 seconds or less, promoting efficient performance. With a maximum switching frequency of 1800 times per hour, this module is capable of handling rapid switching requirements.

Operating within an allowable ambient temperature range of -10°C to +55°C (with caution to avoid ice formation), this module is suitable for various environments. It offers a mechanical life of 20 million operations or more, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Electrical life is rated at 100,000 operations or more at 250 V AC 5A resistive load, providing reliable performance over an extended period. The module's allowable operating voltage range is 0.85 to 1.1 times the input voltage (0.9 to 1.1 at 55°C), accommodating different voltage levels.

Contact ratings include 5A at 250 V AC for resistive load, meeting standard load requirements. The module's power consumption is 10VA at AC and 1W at DC, ensuring efficient energy usage.

For AC types, the supply frequency is 50/60 Hz, enabling compatibility with common power systems. Dielectric strength is rated at 2,000 V AC rms for 1 minute between current-carrying parts and non-current-carrying parts, as well as between output contacts and the control circuit.

Insulation resistance is 100 MΩ or more at 500 V DC megger, ensuring electrical safety. The module's vibration mechanical durability is tested at 10 to 55Hz with a 0.75mm double amplitude, and vibration malfunction durability at 10 to 55Hz with a 0.5mm double amplitude.

Shock mechanical durability is rated at 500m/s2 (Approx. 50G), while shock malfunction durability is 100m/s2 (Approx. 10G), ensuring the module can withstand mechanical stress.


Repeat Accuracy: ±0.3% at max. setting time
Reset Time: 0.1 sec or less
Max. Switching Frequency: 1800 times/hour
Allowable Ambient Temperature: -10°C to +55°C (Avoid ice on timer)
Mechanical Life: 20 million operations or more
Electrical Life: 100,000 operations or more at 250 V AC 5A resistive load
Allowable Operating Voltage Range: 0.85 to 1.1 times input voltage (0.9 to 1.1 at 55°C)
Contact Ratings: 5A at 250 V AC resistive load
Power Consumption: 10VA at AC, 1W at DC
Supply Frequency AC Types: 50/60 Hz
Dielectric Strength: 2,000 V AC rms. 1 min. between current carrying part and non-current carrying part; 2,000 V AC rms. 1 min. between output contacts and control circuit; 1,000 V AC rms. 1 min. between open contacts
Insulation Resistance: 100 MΩ or more at 500 V DC megger
Vibration Mechanical Durability: 10 to 55Hz, 0.75mm double amplitude
Vibration Malfunction Durability: 10 to 55Hz, 0.5mm double amplitude
Shock Mechanical Durability: 500m/s2 (Approx. 50G)
Shock Malfunction Durability: 100m/s2 (Approx. 10G)