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Features and Benefits

  • Simple and cost-saving installation and maintenance
  • Detects short circuits, overloads, and cable breaks at the port
  • Great flexibility due to a wide range of variants
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With their rugged housings, our BNI IO-Link sensor/actuator hub series are ideal for use in harsh industrial environments. The I/O blocks are based on M12 or M8 plug connections, making them easy and economical to install and maintain.

The port-specific single-channel monitoring detects short circuit and overloads, as well as a cable break at the port. This degree of selective diagnosis is unique among I/O blocks.

Highest functionality with the best flexibility offers our different variants of BNI IO-Link sensor/actuator hub series. Different units allow you to meet your specific demands and requirements. Depending on the application you can manage up to 16 digital inputs and outputs (with or without separate supply voltage for high load) or up to 8 analog signals.

Depending on the application, we offer different types of housings, for example plastic and metal. As well as different IP protection classes.


Interface: IO-Link 1.0
Operating Voltage Ub: 18-30.2 VDC
Connection (COM 1): Screw/plug-in terminals, 4-pin
Connection (Supply Voltage IN): Screw/plug-in terminals
Connection Slots: Screw/plug-in terminals
Digital Inputs: 16x PNP, Type 2
Digital Outputs: 16x PNP
Configurable Inputs/Outputs: Yes
Current Sum US, Sensor: 1.0 A
Current Sum UA, Actuator: 1.6 A
Switching Current: 16x 350 mA
Housing Material: PA 6.6, UL94V-0
Dimension: 79 x 33.6 x 84 mm
Ambient Temperature: -20-50 °C
IP Rating: IP20
Transfer Rate: COM2 (38.4 kBaud)
Process Data Cycle Minimum: 12 ms
Process Data IN: 2 bytes
Process Data OUT: 2 bytes