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Features and Benefits

  • 17.5mm or 22.5mm DIN Rail mounting Electronic Timers
  • Wide coil operation, 12V to 320V AC/DC
  • Multi time range / Multi function
  • ON-Delay, OFF-Delay, Asymetrical, Star/Delta versions
  • Perfect to fit in modular enclosure
  • Protection against overvoltage and reverse polarity
  • Self-extinguishing plastic housing
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This TDM10 offers multiple operation modes catering to diverse needs and precise timing control from 0.1 second to 10 days. With high accuracy at 30ppm, it ensures reliable performance. It accepts various supply voltages and features efficient power consumption.

Equipped with 1 C/O contact or 2 independent C/O contacts, it provides flexible control output options. Its robust design ensures durability with a long electrical life expectancy of 5 x 10^4 operations and mechanical durability of 10^7 operations. Operating within a wide temperature range, it suits various environments and offers solid object protection with an IP20 rating.

The device accommodates different wire types and is backed by a 2-year warranty and certifications like CE, UL, and cUL, ensuring quality and compliance with international standards.


Operation Modes: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K ND, FD, NFD, Fon, Foff Star Delta
Time Range: 0.1 sec - 10 days 0.1 sec - 10 days 0.1 sec - 10 days 1-30 sec / ∆20-500ms
Accuracy: 30ppm
Supply Voltage: 12V AC/DC / 180-265V AC 24-300V AC/DC, ±10%, 45-65Hz 150-500V AC, 45-65Hz
Nominal Power Consumption: 24-320V DC max 1W; 24V AC 2.5VA; 48V AC 4.46VA; 110V AC 1.76VA; 220V AC 2.53VA
Input Signal Control: Contact Must Be 90% of A1-A2 Power On - Contact Control Power On
Contact Configuration: 1 C/O Contact 2 Independant C/O Contacts
Control Output: 10A @ 250V AC / 3A @ 30V DC
Life Expectancy: Electrical 5 x 10^4 (5A @ 250V AC), Mechanical 10^7 Operations
Ambient Allowable Temperature: Storage -40 to +85°C, Operating -25 to +70°C
IP Rating: IP20
Terminals: 2.5mm2 Stranded, 4mm2 Solid or 2x1.5mm2 Solid
Warranty / Certification: 2 Years / CE / UL / cUL