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  • Weight 1.77 kg
  • Size 481 mm x 178 mm x 203 mm (L x W x D)
  • Material Metal
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RK-4U, a 4U-high rackmount kit, is specially designed for installing MOXA's product onto a 19"rack. It can be used to mount MOXA's products onto the din rail attached on the panel or onto the panel directly in the way like wall mounting.

The robust frame makes the panel and products firmly fixed inside a 19"-rack cabinet.


Weight: 1.77 kg
Size: 481 mm x 178 mm x 203 mm (L x W x D)
Material: Metal
Supported Products: EDS-205A/208A Series, VPort 254, EDS-408A 3 Fiber Series, EDS-G308 Series, EDS-G205 Series, EDS-G509 Series, EDS-P510 Series, VPort 354, EDS 518A Series, EDS-510A Series, EDS-505A/508A Series, EDS-516A Series, EDS-405A/408A Series, VPort D351, VPort 351, EDS-828 Series, EDS-728 Series, IMC-101G Series, IMC-101 Series, IMC-21 Series, EDS-P308 Series, EDS-205/208 Series, EDS-305/308 Series, EDS-309 Series, EDS-316 Series